May 29, 2019

VegOut Magazine: Official Online Store Now Open

Almost two years ago, I made a decision that my doctors and my friends considered radical. I adopted a whole foods plant-based vegan diet in hope of escaping the painful world of chronic disease, expensive medications, and invasive procedures. I was led to believe that my body was sick while it was merely signaling a toxic overload of chemicals in the environment, processed junk, and dead animals. I didn’t believe the narrative that my genes contained a recipe for my body to attack itself because my doctors could never pinpoint a cause. Therefore, I pulled the plug and embarked on a self-research and self-discovery mission to answer these questions.

Over the last few years, this new lifestyle allowed me to finally discover the intrinsic but dormant power of my body and genes. My brain cleared up, my memory improved, my skin cleared up, my gut healed, my immune system transformed, … the list goes on. I truly feel and breathe like a new person with a new body! Since then, I have witnessed and helped so many other inspiring people in my life join the same movement and transform their health. Fast forward to today… We just launched our VegOut Magazine online shop and official IG.

VegOut LA Magazine – Premier Issue #1 Cover

It has truly been a blessing to partner with Maggie Ortlieb on VegOut Los Angeles to show everyone the unique and bold flavors of vegan cuisine while advocating for more accessibility of vegan food options. Our team is so excited for upcoming issue #2 and continuing expansion to more cities! Stay tuned!! Check us out at to purchase our premier issue or to sign up for our yearly subscription. A portion of every sale TODAY benefits Chilis on Wheels, a nonprofit working to make veganism accessible to LA communities in need.

Inside the cover, the VegOut team!

Thank you to everyone who has supported my journey. It’s a movement now, let’s change the narrative together….


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