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Yellow Love, the Seed to a New Decade

It’s the final night of the decade, and New Year’s Eve has a special place in my heart as it is the night I was discharged from the hospital in...


Waking up to 9 beautiful years

Nine years ago today, just when I thought I had given it all I had and there was nothing left in me, I woke up with your divine yellow energy...


Never Give Up & Write Your Own Story

“To learn to succeed, you must first learn to fail.” – Michael Jordan. Today is my last day at Accenture. In my junior year at UW, I came across the...

Vegan Vegas

2-Year Vegan Anniversary

Two years ago while on vacation in Las Vegas, I rolled the dice and made the decision to go vegan. I adopted an herbivore mentality towards nutrition, in hope of escaping a never-ending downward spiral of chronic disease


2018 Reflections

As we close out January 2019, I spent some time reflecting on 2018 and appreciating the moments that helped shape and prepare me for 2019.


2018 VegOut Best of Los Angeles Awards

When I moved to Los Angeles last year, I was amazed by all of the creative and delicious vegan options around the city. As I explored all the different flavors,...


8 Bowl Games & 8 Beautiful Years

8 years ago on New Year’s Eve, I watched my first bowl game from the University of Washington Medical Center, only 11 days after my transplant surgery. I remember seeing...


For my donor… | Year 8

8 years ago today, you became a part of me as you saved my life. Every day was slower and more painful than the next. I felt myself fading away....