September 20, 2019

Never Give Up & Write Your Own Story

“To learn to succeed, you must first learn to fail.” – Michael Jordan.

Today is my last day at Accenture.

Last Day at Accenture. September 20, 2019.

In my junior year at UW, I came across the Accenture booth at a career fair not knowing too much about consulting or even business. I was an engineering student, but Accenture’s mission and commitment to solving real world problems and delivering high performance caught my eye. I was a problem solver by nature and those were some of the same principles I was passionate about in my pursuit of engineering so I went ahead and applied for an internship, excited to learn more.

I didn’t make the cut. I had failed. I was disappointed and crushed. I felt like I had made it to game 7 of the NBA finals and lost. But instead of giving up, my failure just motivated me to work harder, learn more, and think bigger. After the interview process, I had learned so much about Accenture that I couldn’t see myself anywhere else. Passion is an energy that can’t be taught so I set my intention and defined my goals to follow what felt right for me, my career, and my future.

The following year, as a senior I saw the Accenture booth again at the career fair and I applied again. I was ready to show everything I had worked for the past year, and it was actually the only job that I applied for. When I made it to the second interview, there was Jason Archer sitting in front of me again. He looked at my resume, looked at me, and said I remember you. You were sitting directly across from me last year, but we both know you didn’t make the cut. What has changed?

It was that moment I knew this question was about to shake up my life. I had been waiting for this day and my answer carved the beginning of my journey with Accenture. I shared my story of growth with Jason: Instead of just working on research, I had created my own research project and obtained grants. Instead of just having a hobby, I had taken the extra step to lead a university club. Instead of just volunteering, I had joined an advisory council for community advocates. Instead of watching TV, I had read books and trained for half marathons. Failure had taught me to be a leader and to own my goals. When you can see yourself where you want to be, you are halfway there. The rest is all in your mindset and the habits with which create our daily lives.

I was already living Accenture’s core values. That day, Jason and Accenture saw that in me. It was who I had become as a result of my growth through overcoming failure that welcomed me into this professional community. Reflecting back, I couldn’t imagine starting my career anywhere else and I am extremely grateful for all the memories, experiences, learnings, and personal connections with everyone who supported me. I traveled up and down the West Coast, saw so many amazing cities, worked on cutting-edge technology, tackled real-world business problems, and interacted with some of the smartest people in the world.

Today, I look ahead to the next chapter as a business leader with the toolset to help businesses of today and tomorrow thrive in an ever-changing digital landscape.

My parents were immigrants who moved to America seeking a more prosperous story than the one their country was writing for them with war and revolution. They taught me to never give up even when it looks like everything is falling apart. At the age of 18, my liver failed and I dropped out of college to have a liver transplant thinking my life was over. I had to learn how to eat, walk, and live again, but all that pain only made me stronger. In just 9 months, I returned to school and began studying in a program that was top four in the world. Finally, learning to ask tough questions in business pushed me to solve my own health problems through reading nutrition research and adopting a plant-based diet. I healed my body of autoimmune disease, and I now spend my free time helping family, friends, and people in the community conquer their health, prevent disease, and write their own story.

Thank you Accenture for recognizing my growth and believing in my story. But more importantly, thank you Accenture for empowering me in my life, career, and journey.

“I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” – Michael Jordan

Never give up & write your own story,
Ameen Tabatabai


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