My Journey

At a young age, I was diagnosed with autoimmune disease. After various procedures, treatments, and surgeries, the medical community could not find a cure or even pinpoint a cause. My life was going downhill and I knew deep down that my life story had a different destiny. I trusted my gut and ultimately made a bold decision to explore a way out. Through my own self-study and research. I embraced the power of nature to heal my body and write a new story.

Opening Ceremony, 2018 Transplant Games, Salt Lake City

My Mission

I envision a world in which we can all thrive together in a community centered around love, gratitude, compassion, and nature. As a result of my healing journey, I have found my purpose. I look forward to focusing this next chapter of my life on helping others grow and prosper. I hope my story inspires you to do everything it takes to take control of your health so that you too can write your own life story.