December 20, 2019

Waking up to 9 beautiful years

Nine years ago today, just when I thought I had given it all I had and there was nothing left in me, I woke up with your divine yellow energy lifting me up to a new level of consciousness I had yet to experience as a young man.

In losing everything, I discovered all the answers my heart always desired. Feeling my body drift away then return back to life was what ignited me to ask difficult questions and challenge the status quo on my journey to building a brand new body. In that experience, I learned that I was not just a young man with three autoimmune diseases. I was much more than that. I was a world inside a world… I was a microuniverse inside a macrouniverse. As I adapted my lifestyle to reflect my values and who I really was, the diseases and sadness faded away and what took its place was joy, happiness, and love…. the foundation of true health.

The real me was finally born and my new physical body began to form.

You showed me that life was not just about myself. It’s about all of us, our beautiful planet, and our collective evolution. We all play a role in it, and each of us carries a distinct purpose. You showed me the light and helped me find my purpose in healing myself so that I could show the world the incredible power of love and gratitude in the mind, body, and spirit. You gifted me a second chance to continue this journey. Because of you, I finally started living my purpose and a life free of the painful burden of autoimmune disease. Because of you, I have inspired so many to take control of their health, lose weight, build strength, and move towards their purpose.

Nine years ago today, I surrendered and accepted the fate that this universe had for me. Life will throw dirt on you. It will even shake you with a storm. But it’s the weathering that creates the seasons and fertilizer for your seed to grow. Accept and surrender to it as resistance will only make it difficult for you to build your strength and defense. As you fight through all that comes your way, you are blooming, sharing your beauty with the world, and giving your fruits to the next generation.

As I celebrate my 9th re-birthday, I am truly blessed to have received your liver and all the love and emotions you passed onto me. Thank you for saving my life. I will share our message wherever in the world it wants to be heard.

I love you 💛


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